Yarn Bombing Melbourne

So many new sights to see in a new city, and Melbourne certainly has plenty. This is a very livable city for Americans and especially for those of us from northern California. The weather is similar to ours, although the heat waves here are more intense: a hot blowing wind that just sucks the moisture right out of you on some days. But the language is similar enough. There is great public transportation and the people are friendly. It is easy to get around, although driving on the other side of the road is a challenge.

A week after getting here we took a walking tour through the Melbourne laneways and alleys. They have made these narrow passages between buildings into useable city space. Some are art galleries with street artists being paid to display on the walls. Other lanes have been turned into outdoor cafes, some even with roofs overhead.

While on the tour we walked through a small city park, in Central Business District (CBD), not far from where we are living and saw a wonderful site: yarn bombing on the trees. I had never heard of yarn bombing but apparently it is very popular all around the world. The yarn bombing consists of knitting and crocheting and the colors are bright and beautiful.

Here are some of the photos we took, the last one is from one of the laneways with some yarn bombing on a window grate by some street art.

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Bye from down under!


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4 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing Melbourne

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thanks Lynne, it is fun to be here and then share with people on my blog and to see the responses!

  1. Jen Duchene

    What fabulous yarn bombing. We have some yarn bombing in San Mateo – they yarn bombed for Christmas. Not as creative as the Melbourne style but wool does add some texture and color to trees. I have never been to Australia, and I love reading all about it.


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