What’s In A Name?

My blog needs a new name. I love the current name, but it no longer reflects who I am and what I want to write about. So I need your help.

On October 2, 2013, my son and I spent the day together in Carmel. He was restless and wanted to spend the day away from the 2nd company he had just started as he was concerned that it was not going to be all that he had hoped it would be. I was thrilled that he valued my thoughts as a sounding board. After talking for some time about his business he turned to me and asked me what I was planning on doing. At the time, we were preparing for our sabbatical in Australia and I had not given much thought for my future beyond packing up our place for the renters and moving overseas for 5 months. I knew I was closing down my marketing consulting business but what would be next for me was a mystery and I was going to figure it out as I went along.

My son, ever the idea person, said to me that I should do something to help other mothers be as good a mother as I had been to him and his sister. Of course, I was flattered and touched and then I started to think about it. Out of that comment (and my 24 years as a La Leche League Leader, helping young mothers to learn how to mother their babies through breastfeeding), I came up with the idea to start a blog and I called it, “The Magic of Mothering“. The idea was to write about my experiences of raising kids and to connect with other mothers, both in the trenches and beyond. And on November 21, 2013, I launched this blog site with my first post: I Had No Clue, a post about my becoming a mother.

As we were leaving for Australia, several friends encouraged me to write and share about our adventures there and so I added a section on our wonderful time as empty nesters in Australia and New Zealand. And I added pieces about motherhood and breastfeeding, although that time of life had long passed/changed for me. Additionally I have started to write more about my mother’s Alzheimer’s, although I have only posted a few of these pieces so far.

But the reality is that my life changed significantly when our youngest went off to college in the fall of 2013; I spend more time developing my creative side and on the yoga mat than I do mothering my kids these days.

And so this brings me to the need I have to change the name of my blog as focusing just on mothering is no longer accurate to what I do and what I want to write about. So I came up with a few ideas and would love your feedback.

Ideas so far:

Reinventing Heidi
Life Post Kids
I am Not Old and Dried Up
Post Kids Diary

Perhaps you have an idea after reading my blog. If so, please send me your thoughts on what my blog should be called. And if I end up choosing your idea, I will send you a present!

PS: if you are uncomfortable with posting your ideas publicly, please send me an email. I really want to hear from you!

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

22 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Kim Acedo

    Hi Heidi! Of course I love the word “reinvent”. I have two programs with that start with ReINVENT! But, something else that came to mind for you was the word “goddess”. Perhaps something for goddesses like yourself?

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      I love the idea of using the words goddess or diva, but couldn’t come up with something that felt right. If you do, please share!

  2. Karen

    Interestingly enough, when I got to this point in my life, I instigated a “mom’s” group to deal with the “third half of our lives” – or the What Now? or What’s Next – try those on for size….or even Movin’ On…..

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      I live (and love) Movin’ On, but fear it will sound too much like my real estate paste if you know what I mean. Third Act and What’s Next are good. Thanks for sending ideas!

  3. Jane Tuttle

    How about something like Life Moments, or Seasons, or Twists & Turns, or Living Life, Finding Meaning, or Being Me. “Reinvent” as a concept doesn’t work for me as living a meaning full life is being the best version of you. I think what you are doing is moving through the stages of life. But I’ll read your blog no matter what you call it. You could call it Heidi Sloss and that would be fine with this reader.

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thank you Jane, I soooo appreciate loyal readers like you! I like reinvent, but you are right, it isn’t about reinventing myself so much as trying to living a meaningful life. Being Me is interesting.

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Interesting ideas. I do always feel like I am revisiting who I am in my writing–you got that completely right! The Heidi Truth is also a cute idea. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      I like these, but fear they may sound too much like a clothing store. Although Beyond Motherhood make me think of Motherhood and Beyond which reminds me of Toy Story: to infinity and beyond. Could come up with very cute graphics!

  4. neysa paz

    Hello Heidi!

    How about these to throw in the pot?

    Rediscovering Heidi
    Empty Nest – Full Life
    The Adventures of Life After Kids
    Upcycling Life After Kids

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thanks for the ideas! I like Empty Nest, Full Life and Upcycling is also good. One of the blogs I recently started reading is Adventures of Empty Nesters (so that is already taken). She write about traveling as well as being an empty nester. Glad you threw these suggestions into the pot!

  5. AmazingSusan

    Hmmmm. I flagged this when you first posted it, but didn’t read it until just now. I understand your need to rename this one, having done the same to my own personal blog several times. I’m also crap at naming blogs LOL and have no brilliant ideas to share.

    All of that said, and with all due respect to everyone’s suggestions, so far none of them make me go wow. In fact, none of them do much of anything for me 🙁

    I hate not having anything but negativity to contribute – grrrrr. But there you have it.

    One thing I note is that a blog name doesn’t have to be literal. For example:





    going a little crazy was once called Life Out of the Box and then CrackerJacks before its current iteration.

    Keep us posted 😉

    HA! There’s one: Keeping You Posted – probably taken already 😛

    XOX Susan

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      What do you think of these:

      I am off to a women’s retreat this weekend and hope to find some ideas and inspirations for the blog and me!

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