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G’Day or Kali Mera

Two years ago when we were in Australia for my husband’s sabbatical I spent a glorious afternoon alone at Bondi Beach, a cute hippie town with healthy restaurants and a baby-powder soft white sand beach. I told my husband that if I ever went missing look for me there as it was a wonderful place to which I harbored fantasies of running away. But now that I have been to Crete, I might have to amend my fantasy.

Crete is my new favorite place on the planet. I loved the beautiful beaches, tall rugged mountains, historic ruins from the last 4500 years ago (that is not a typo) and of course lots and lots of sunshine. And did I mention the fresh healthy food? And best of all friendly welcoming people!

Truly a wonderful place in which I felt right at home.

I have had the opportunity to live in many places in the USA and several places overseas and have learned that some places feel comfortable to me and others just don’t. It isn’t an equation of weather or people or food or culture although all that helps. For me it is an emotional response to a place.

I remembering feeling right at home the first time I stepped on campus at Hampshire College in the fall of 1977, after being devastated when I learned that I would not get into my first choice of Amherst College down the road. And it all turned out just right. I started to blossom at Hampshire and in many ways still feel the unfolding of myself that started those many years ago.

I also felt right at home after landing on the island of Crete last month.

So while they say G’Day down under, they say Kali Mera on Crete. And if you can’t find me at home in sunny San Jose, look for me on Crete (or perhaps Bondi Beach)!

90-GDay or Kali Mera 6-7-16

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