Pregnant With Possibilities, While Embracing the Unknown

Every path taken leads somewhere, and sometimes we have a clear idea of where we are headed.

Stone path in Bali down to the sea.

Stone path in Bali down to the sea.

Every door opened means a door not taken, choices not made, and options not available to us.

Doors in Bali leading to one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed.

Doors in Bali leading to one of the most beautiful places we have ever stayed.

For most of my life I have had a plan. Of course, the end results have not always ended up as planned,
but that has been okay, part of the adventure.

 For example, when I took a summer job to help out my father in 1980,
I had no idea that a few years later we would start a company together,
teaching me how to create a business with little or no capital.  And that would lead me to starting several businesses over the years,
including a strategy consulting practice to help other business owners, and to writing a book that became an Amazon bestseller!

 Another example of a plan with unexpected results is
I had no idea when I gave birth
24 years ago, last week, to my son that it would lead me to
working with La Leche League
for over 23 years changing not only my life and his
(and my daughter’s a few years later),
but also the lives of countless other breastfeeding
mothers and their babies.

 Having a plan has been a comfort,
something to lean on, and carry me forward.

 I am not sure where my journey is heading, what my future looks like.
I have no ‘plan’ in mind, no goal to achieve.
But this time, instead of freaking out with fear, I
am embracing the mystery

of the unknown with open arms, and without anxiety or alarm.

Sloss - 35 Hiking pathPath on a hike in Wineglass Bay, Tasmania—one of the
loveliest places on the planet.

Because we changed plans mid-hike, we ended up on this beautiful path that led us to this:

Sloss - 35 Day beach

Perspective is everything. Years ago, not knowing where I am heading,
or having a plan—with contingencies—would have been stressful to me.
But today, instead of stress, I feel calm.
My life feels pregnant with possibilities, and this excites me.

From our hotel in Labuan Bajo, on Flores Island in Indonesia.

From our hotel in Labuan Bajo, on Flores Island in Indonesia.

 Sunrise or sunset, does it matter?  I love this view!
Sloss - 35 Hurry slowly

How do you approach your future? Mapped out with plans?
Or flinging yourself out into the unknown,
confident that it is going to work out for you?

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7 thoughts on “Pregnant With Possibilities, While Embracing the Unknown

  1. Tom Townsend

    What a great combination of insight mixed in with the high points of your trip. Nice read, I appreciate the post as always.

  2. Jane Tuttle

    Pregnant with possibilities is such an optimistic attitude. Wishing you a marvelous journey wherever it takes you.

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thank you. After all these years I am finally getting wise to the fact that I have no control over the journey, only part I feel I can affect these days is my attitude. Watching my mother’s slow descent into Alzheimer’s with a mostly positive attitude reminds me constantly that if she can do it, then so can I!


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