My Mosaic Journey

Have you ever felt called to do something outside of your norm? I did last summer while I was attending my annual Women’s Initiation Retreat. In one of the meditations I had a vision of being called to put broken pieces together so when I returned home I came up with the idea of taking a class in mosaic making. I found a mosaic workshop about 20 minutes away and last month spent a day learning how to create a mosaic piece at the Mosaic Garden.

Me with the Visionary Goddess alter I built this year at the retreat that inspired my mosaic piece.






Here are the photos from my project.

46 pic 2


Step One:

The first step is to decide what you want your piece to be. It can be anything: abstract or not. I wrestled with this and finally decided to use symbols from the Visionary Goddess Robe from the retreat. The symbols I chose to use were wind, smoke (from the caldron) and feathers.




46 pic 3


Step Two:

Nancy Meyer showed me how to take my line drawings and transfer it to my piece using old fashioned carbon paper. Next up was layig out the broken tile pieces that she taught me how to break using her tile cutters. I chose various glass tiles that would show movement for the feathers and the smoke.



46 pic 4


Step Three:

I placed broken tiles on the piece in and around the “wind”, “feathers” and “smoke” and glued them down. This was one of two messy parts and I had to overcome my discomfort for having sticky stuff all over my fingers.





46 pic 5


Step Four:

All placed and glued. I must admit that when I looked at it at this point I wasn’t ‘seeing’ it that way I had been before, but I trusted that it would turn out the way it should.





46 pic 6


Step Five:

After mixing a little bit of blue colorant into the white grout, it was now time to add it to my piece. I used a sponge and my fingers to spread the grout all over the tile pieces. It wasn’t sticky so wasn’t as bothersome as the glue.




46 pic 7


Step Six:

All grouted, time to dry. Took only 5 to 10 minutes in the sun.






46 pic 8


Step Seven:

After scraping the grout off the tiles, I glued brown paper on the back and added a wall hanging hook.





Step Eight:

All Done!

46 pic 9

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    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thank you, it was a lot of fun! And I will be back to do more. IF you lived closer I’ld invite you to join me at her studio~!


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