Life Changing Experiences

Have you ever had a life changing experience? Most of us have, but sometimes don’t or can’t recognize them as they are happening. I have had many in my life and one that I want to tell you about from a few summers ago when I attended Goddess Summer Camp in the beautiful woods in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I had heard about Megan Wagner’s women’s initiations, but for a variety of reasons had not attended. I talked myself out of going because the dates were wrong or I thought it too expensive (actually it is a great deal for a long weekend retreat that includes all activities and food for a less than reasonable price) but the truth of the matter is that i just wasn’t ready. So it took me a few years to finally attend. And when I did, I was blown away!

It was a life-changing initiation retreat with other interesting women during which I learned a great deal about me, my life and wonderful tools to help me deal with life’s stressful moments. I learned that some of the emotional storms that I whether as a woman, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother and as a friend are common to other women.

During the retreat, Megan shares stories about the 5 powerful feminine archetypes through storytelling, personal reflection, sharing, eating, hot-tubing, walking, drumming, dancing, listening and evening rituals. We learned about the feminine ways of Strength, Compassion, Change and Action that meant a clearer sense of myself and my self-mastery. In other words, it was life-changing.

In just a few weeks, Megan is leading another Goddess Summer Camp retreat from Thursday July 31 through August 3 at the Double Bear Retreat Center. And even though I attended in 2012, I am going again this year. I am looking forward to experiencing the retreat and initiations all over again with other strong, strong open-hearted women, looking to shift into their radiant selves to embody their feminine power with grace and compassion.

It would be wonderful if you chose to join me at this retreat with Megan Wagner, PhD. The price is reasonable for the long weekend of 3 nights and 4 days and includes all workshops, rituals and room and board of only $695. Many women’s retreats cost much more money, are held in fancy hotels with slick leaders, trying to sell other products and/or services. This is a down-to-earth, life changing event that is just what it is: a wonderful weekend in a rustic setting with other women realizing their highest vision for themselves.

If you are at all interested, please register for 2014 Goddess Summer Camp and join me as we explore how to be the women we want to be. And please don’t hesitate to contact me (or Megan directly) if you have questions.



PS: Please note that I do NOT receive monetary gain for your participation, I do however hope to receive a stronger bond through a deeper connection with my friends who attend!

PPS: If you are coming from out of town, the closest airport to the retreat center is the San Jose Airport, about a 40 minute drive.

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