Jet lag: it is an adventure

Been here for five days so far and am finally just starting to feel more at home. There is a lot to adjust to living in another country, some of it good some of it more of a challenge. Jet lag has been a struggle but I am finally beginning to feel more like myself. The trip over here is long. I mean really long. This was the longest single flight I had even been on and it went on for wheat felt like forever. Even after reading, watching movies and sleeping there were still many more hours on the flight before landing.

I thought I was prepared for a long flight, having spent many days in transit in my life. I remember when we were first married we ‘moved’ to Vienna, Austria for the year and in those days it took a whole day of travel on three different flights: Washington, DC to JFK, JFK to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Vienna. We made the flight back and forth at least 6 times that year and each time I was either pregnant or traveling with an infant. That jet lag was bone crushing. This time it was different, not better, but not worse, just different. It helps not to be pregnant or nursing a baby the whole time, but I am 20+ years older.

Within 24 hours of landing in Melbourne I was able to attend a yoga class and within 48 hours I had a chiropractic adjustment. Both helped enormously, but the bottom line is that it takes time to feel at home in a new place in a new country. Things are different and that can be disorienting.

But there are some things that have helped: being able to watch the Australian Open during the day as I adjust without having to get up in the middle of the night has been a treat. And yesterday we spent the day at the open, which was a lot of fun.

Another help to my adjustment is that we rented a nice apartment in the Melbourne Central Business District that is light and bright. It took a few days to get things set up here, but it is starting to fall into place. Click here for some photos of our home for the next five months.



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6 thoughts on “Jet lag: it is an adventure

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      It is an easy and friendly city to walk around and be in, that is for sure! How did you avoid being jet lagged? Please share!

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thanks. It was a killer going there in January, but not so bad when I came back to the states for a short visit recently. I am off again to Melbourne on Sunday, but this time from New York city. So the trip is longer, but I am better prepared, so we will see how it goes this time….

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