Country visit to Bowral

Imagine if you will a countryside visit from another era. That is what our visit to Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of Australia outside of Sydney, felt like. Maybe it was the lush green countryside. Maybe it was the layout of the homes and gardens we visited. Maybe it was the ‘English’ feel of the town and surrounding area. Or maybe it was getting to drive around in a classic Rolls Royce. Whatever it was, we had a wonderful time exploring this part of Australia with our hosts from Sydney, Justin and John.

Heidi David Rolls Bowral Bowral 2

In addition to exploring the towns of Bowral and Mittagong, we also wondered the grounds of Milton Park and walked on the suspension bridges of the Illawarra Fly over a rain forest with views of the Ocean.  The weather was misty and at times a bit gloomy, but that just added to the English Country Side feel as we explored galleries, art museums, cheese tastings and shops in the area.

Milton Park Sculpture Heidi Sweet Dreams Cheese
Illawarra fly David Bridge Heidi View
Pastoral Australia Heidi David Cafe Australia

It is a rural, pastoral part of Australia, but lush and green, with rolling hills. Other then the names of the towns, it almost felt like we were in the English countryside.  Not many tourists end up in this part of the country, but it felt great to explore a part of Australia, with a long rich history surrounded by such beauty.

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