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G’Day or Kali Mera

Two years ago when we were in Australia for my husband’s sabbatical I spent a glorious afternoon alone at Bondi Beach, a cute hippie town with healthy restaurants and a baby-powder soft white sand beach. I told my husband that if I ever went missing look for me there as it was a wonderful place to which I harbored fantasies of running away. But now that I have been to Crete, I might have to amend my fantasy.

Crete is my new favorite place on the planet. I loved the beautiful beaches, tall rugged mountains, historic ruins from the last 4500 years ago (that is not a typo) and of course lots and lots of sunshine. And did I mention the fresh healthy food? And best of all friendly welcoming people!

Truly a wonderful place in which I felt right at home.

I have had the opportunity to live in many places in the USA and several places overseas and have learned that some places feel comfortable to me and others just don’t. It isn’t an equation of weather or people or food or culture although all that helps. For me it is an emotional response to a place.

I remembering feeling right at home the first time I stepped on campus at Hampshire College in the fall of 1977, after being devastated when I learned that I would not get into my first choice of Amherst College down the road. And it all turned out just right. I started to blossom at Hampshire and in many ways still feel the unfolding of myself that started those many years ago.

I also felt right at home after landing on the island of Crete last month.

So while they say G’Day down under, they say Kali Mera on Crete. And if you can’t find me at home in sunny San Jose, look for me on Crete (or perhaps Bondi Beach)!

90-GDay or Kali Mera 6-7-16

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I’m Sorry StL

Dear St. Louis,

I want to apologize for all the mean and awful things I have said about you over the years. It is true that I didn’t want to move to you in 1999 after having lived in gorgeous northern California. Your Midwestern ways and weather scared me.


Frankly I came with an open heart but after being wooed by some of your residents I opened up a bit and wanted to love you. However if seems that, many of those folks who courted us with flattery and false kindness lost my new number soon after we moved in. And I never could quite get over that.

I’m not really sure what makes us feel at home in some places versus others. For whatever reasons, I always felt like a fish out of water while living in St. Louis. Maybe it was your strong Midwestern ways—both the positive and negative aspects of what that means. Or maybe I held myself back from fully embracing you as I assumed we weren’t there forever.

Whatever it was that just didn’t feel right for me while living there, I must admit that it definitely affected my affections, or lack thereof, for you. That and the weather of course: 110% humidity, with 100’+ temperatures in the summer with biting cold, freezing weather in the winter is not endearing. I’m still not over the whole weather thing frankly. But I want to make amends.

So please accept my apology. You were not the place I would have chosen to move to, nor the place that I wanted my kids to say that they are from, but nine years in a childhood is defining. It means that both of my kids identify as being from St. Louis and I finally see that is not a bad thing.

Yes your weather is too hot and humid in the summer and yes it to too cold and freezing in the winter (I’m still not ready to let go of this issue) but my kids picked up some good values while living in St. Louis. And I have to admit they would not have gotten this from the San Francisco Bay area where we are all about the latest and new shiny bright object.

When my husband approached me about taking this job in St. Louis I was dead set against it. We had just bought a home in Palo Alto that I was redoing. I was ready to set down roots, raise our kids and figure out what was next for me after being a stay-at-home mother/wife for 10 years. Moving to St. Louis was not on my radar.

What finally convinced me to move was a newspaper article that my husband strategically showed me in a moment of weakness about Palo Alto high school students who were day-trading and buying themselves BMWs. That got to me. I did not want my kids to grow up in that environment. So off we moved to you for what I thought was three or four years at the most. Of course I gave away the punchline already and we all now know that those three or four years turned into nine years.

Nine years is a lot of years to be lonely. I know for I spent most of that time longing to feel a part of the community. I tried various things, but the bottom line is that I never felt at home while living there. And this made me disparage you in ways that I am now sorry about.

There were some nice aspects about living in St. Louis. I liked that I always ran into people I knew when out shopping or at a movie or just grabbing coffee. Always. And I love that my kids received a wonderful public school education, something that was lacking in the California schools both before we moved away and was even more true once we moved back.

So while I am relieved to no longer live there, I want to say I am sorry for all the mean, nasty, snide comments I said. It wasn’t your fault that it didn’t work out for the two of us. I can now comfortably say that living there was not all bad. Who knows, maybe in another few years I will be ready sing your praises. And if/when that happens I will start with Ted Drewes frozen custard!

Have you ever lived in a place that just never felt right? Where you never felt at home?

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

Vacationing At Home!

My husband and I live in the Bay area, a travel destination for thousands of people, but I recently realized that we don’t advantage of our amazing location. So in the span of a few weeks we played hard, visiting places that tourists would (and should). Here are some of the highlights from our local vacation.

vacation1 Vacation2

June 27: San Jose San Pedro Square Art and Wine Pour with our daughter. This was two blocks from our new home!

Vacation 3 Vacation 4

June 28: Wine tour and family picnic to celebrate a late Father’s Day at Ridge Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A 40 minute drive from we where we now live.

Vacation 5

June 29 & 30: Back to back nights at San Francisco Opera with our daughter where we saw amazing performances of The Marriage of Figaro and Two Women. The Opera house is an hour drive from our home without traffic, with traffic, forget about it!

Vacation 6

We stayed with relatives and got to enjoy an unusual San Francisco treat: glorious summer weather.

Vacation 7 Vacation 8

June 30: Before the second night of opera, we took a Segway Tour along Fisherman’s Wharf and the North Beach neighborhood, the weather was perfect and the scenery priceless. Our tour guide was a bit of an idiot, but it didn’t damper our fun. Now I want a Segway for Xmas!

Vacation 9 Vacation 10

July 9 – 12: I went on my annual Women’s Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains; all the buildings are yurts. And most evenings found us relaxing in the hot tub under the starry skies. This is a 40 minute drive from our home, but it feels like being miles away.

July 17: I took no photos, but met my husband’s aunt at the San Francisco de Young Museum to see the J.M.W. Turner exhibit. It was great fun to be able to pop into the city for an afternoon for lunch and a world class museum exhibit.


Vacation 11 Vacation 12

July 20 – 21: I attended a Yoga Retreat in Big Sur. We did many yoga sessions and meditated while eating delicous food. These were taken from where we were. It took me a little under 2 hours each way, gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe Big Sur.


Vacation 13 Vacation 14

July 26: We celebrated my son’s 25th birthday early. We picked San Mateo, a central meeting place for dinner with the kids and my husband’s aunt and uncle. It is a cute town with lots going on and the restaurant, Vault 164 was great.

Vacation 15

July 27: We attended a Giant’s baseball game in San Francisco on Stitch N’ Pitch night with a group of my stitching friends. While we were there our daughter surprised us by showing up! We took the train to and SF that night to avoid the traffic. It took less than an hour to get there on the express train and over an hour to get home on the local.

I have been lucky to live in world class cities, but often forget to see them as tourists get to. This summer, between June 27 and July 27 I took great advantage of just a few of the many delights of living in the San Francisco Bay area.

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

The Liebster Award: Get to Know Me and Other Bloggers!

The Liebster Award: Get to Know Me and Other Bloggers!

Fellow blogger, Kim Acedo of Transformation Wellness for Women, nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is an award for bloggers to recognize and get to know other bloggers.

I was asked to answer some questions and I get the opportunity to nominate other bloggers to participate. Check out the blogs I nominate at the end – their writing inspires me and I am committed to reading, tweeting and commenting on their blogs because I know how much it means to me when my readers tweet and comment on mine [hint, hint!].

Yours, Heidi

Here are the questions Kim asked me to answer:

1. What makes you happy?

Spending time with my family: kids and husband! I also enjoy yoga classes, stitching, meditating, reading and writing. But I get a thrill in my heart when people respond positively to my work. Motivating and/or inspiring people makes me very happy.

2. Why did you start blogging?

After I retired from my marketing consulting business I wanted an outlet and I wanted to create/be a part of an online tribe. And as we were getting ready to travel out of the country for 5 months, it seemed like it would be a great way to keep in touch with people and explore parts of my creative side. At the suggestion from my son, I thought I would develop a forum to help teach women how to mother their kids by sharing my experiences, but the blog is morphing into something new and different; I plan on changing the title soon. [Suggestions are most welcome!] I still want to reach/teach women, but now in a different direction from just focusing on motherhood.

3. What is the best thing anyone has ever said about your blog?

Recently I was invited to a yoga retreat because of a post. Receiving comments that are appreciative of my perspective and life experiences makes my heart sing.

4. What is one piece of advice you would offer or one saying you live by?

I used to say that “life was too short for shit,” but now I find myself thinking, “if not now, when?” Meaning what is holding me back from joy and love and connection?

5. What are your top three bucket list items?

1) To create an outlet to reach women through life-transformation workshops and seminars.

2) To finally find a business partner who wants to work collaboratively with me.

3) To maintain my health and weight loss through the rest of my life.

Short term goal is to have my ankle heal so that my husband and I can resume real hiking.

6. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Drinking expresso and stitching! And of course because I am a woman, dark chocolate anything!

7. What is one product or service you cannot live without?

My smart cell phone/tablet.

8. What is your favorite U.S. destination?

Bottom line is that I love being/visiting any place in which my kids are living. But other than that, I love visiting New York City, where I lived in my 20’s and my father and his wife still live. If it weren’t for the weather (and money!) I could see myself living there again. Other places that I want to return to are Hilton Head, SC, anywhere in Hawaii, and Crater Lake, OR.

But I have to admit that I am loving our new home town of San Jose, CA. We just moved to the downtown area and exploring all that is within walking distance is exciting to me. After living in the suburbs for 22 years, while raising our kids, I am experiencing a re-found love affair for city living!

9. What two countries make you the happiest to visit?

Spain and Australia. I loved visiting both and would be thrilled to go back to either/both again

10. What is your dream destination?

I know it sounds corny, but at this age and stage of my life, I want to go with and where my husband and/or kids are. And I would love to get a chance to spend time in Greece and Portugal someday.

I now nominate the following bloggers to answer these questions as well. Reading their posts has inspired me and my writing. I hope they accept this award because I can’t wait to read their responses!

Lisa Owens of My So Called Glamorous Life, The Adventures of a Domestic Engineer!

Lorrie Goldin of Shrinkrapped

Jennifer Arlin of Still Life with Crockpot

Janelle Daniels of Thirty Plus Mom

Dawn Quyle Landau of Tales From the Motherland

Susan Macaulay of My Alzheimer’s Story, the joys and sorrows of an amazing journey

Melissa of Psychobabble

Thanks for reading! I’d love to get to know YOU more as well. Would you care to answer a few of the questions? Please comment below!



As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

Buying a Bathing Suit Used to Suck!

 Buying a bathing suit use to a suck. It was a miserable, unpleasant experience that always left me selecting one that I hated the least. That all changed when I lost 55 lbs in 2011. It still isn’t as pleasurable as buying a new purse, but it is no longer traumatic. When I lost the weight, I didn’t do it to make bathing suit shopping easier. I did it because I didn’t want to end up in a hospital bed, weighed down by fat and medical problems stemming from being overweight, as my beloved aunt was that year.

Four years later my weight is still gone and I feel great but I am still getting used to my new body and what that means. Frankly I never believed it possible to lose that much weight, much less maintain it. I am embarrassed to admit that one of my apprehensions about our wonderful Australian sabbatical was that I would gain weight; to my amazement I actually lost weight while we were overseas. And one of my first thoughts after waking up from my three hour ankle surgery last November was concern about gaining weight. After a lifetime of dealing with food and weight issues, it takes time to retrain my mind.

One big adjustment has been buying a bathing suit. For years buying a new suit sucked. It was stressful because I never looked the way I wanted to. I never shopped for a suit in a store, preferring to try on suits in the privacy of my own home. I envied women who could walk in to a store and walk out with a bathing suit.

So you can imagine my panic when I found myself needing to buy a bathing suit on my way up to Tahoe for a long weekend with my son two years ago. We were heading up to spend some time together while my husband and daughter were traveling in Europe for her school’s choir trip. The house my son rented had a hot tub and by the time I realized I didn’t have a suit, we were too far away from home to turn back. As we approached Davis, CA I looked online and didn’t see any department stores listed, only a Target. I approached the store with a lot of stress and a pinch of panic thrown in for extra measure. You see while my new body walked in, it was attached to my old mind.

Within a few minutes of looking, I found a great looking suit, and lo and behold it fit—right off the rack! If you have ever been overweight, you can appreciate the flood of joy and relief I felt at that moment, standing in a Target dressing room, looking at myself in the mirror and loving what I saw. I wanted to run around the store, jumping for joy, but I knew my son was waiting in the car. So I paid for my new suit (and cute cover-up, because you know!) and strolled nonchalantly back to the car, as if nothing huge had happened.

But something huge did happen. I walked into the store with my old body image in my mind, but I walked out a new woman—one who can shop for bathing suits at Target! Now when traveling I no longer stress about packing pants or bathing suits (both of which used to be hard for me to find). I now travel lighter, figuratively and literally.

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

What’s In A Name?

My blog needs a new name. I love the current name, but it no longer reflects who I am and what I want to write about. So I need your help.

On October 2, 2013, my son and I spent the day together in Carmel. He was restless and wanted to spend the day away from the 2nd company he had just started as he was concerned that it was not going to be all that he had hoped it would be. I was thrilled that he valued my thoughts as a sounding board. After talking for some time about his business he turned to me and asked me what I was planning on doing. At the time, we were preparing for our sabbatical in Australia and I had not given much thought for my future beyond packing up our place for the renters and moving overseas for 5 months. I knew I was closing down my marketing consulting business but what would be next for me was a mystery and I was going to figure it out as I went along.

My son, ever the idea person, said to me that I should do something to help other mothers be as good a mother as I had been to him and his sister. Of course, I was flattered and touched and then I started to think about it. Out of that comment (and my 24 years as a La Leche League Leader, helping young mothers to learn how to mother their babies through breastfeeding), I came up with the idea to start a blog and I called it, “The Magic of Mothering“. The idea was to write about my experiences of raising kids and to connect with other mothers, both in the trenches and beyond. And on November 21, 2013, I launched this blog site with my first post: I Had No Clue, a post about my becoming a mother.

As we were leaving for Australia, several friends encouraged me to write and share about our adventures there and so I added a section on our wonderful time as empty nesters in Australia and New Zealand. And I added pieces about motherhood and breastfeeding, although that time of life had long passed/changed for me. Additionally I have started to write more about my mother’s Alzheimer’s, although I have only posted a few of these pieces so far.

But the reality is that my life changed significantly when our youngest went off to college in the fall of 2013; I spend more time developing my creative side and on the yoga mat than I do mothering my kids these days.

And so this brings me to the need I have to change the name of my blog as focusing just on mothering is no longer accurate to what I do and what I want to write about. So I came up with a few ideas and would love your feedback.

Ideas so far:

Reinventing Heidi
Life Post Kids
I am Not Old and Dried Up
Post Kids Diary

Perhaps you have an idea after reading my blog. If so, please send me your thoughts on what my blog should be called. And if I end up choosing your idea, I will send you a present!

PS: if you are uncomfortable with posting your ideas publicly, please send me an email. I really want to hear from you!

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

Calling All Goddesses

This week I want to share about my annual Goddess Summer Camp Retreats. It is a highlight of my summer and I would love to have you join me.

Divine Feminine Retreat
Goddess Summer Camp
July 9-12, 2015
In the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

altar Queen
This is me and a friend on retreat!

It’s time for our annual Feminine Path of Power Goddess Summer Camp at Double Bear Retreat Center, in beautiful Northern California.

When we get away from our daily life and responsibilities, we can relax, laugh and share deeply of our unique feminine experience in the world.

Our private retreat center in the Redwoods is a beautiful natural sanctuary with a hot tub, walking trails, yurts and great organic food, with time to relax and time to awaken our inner Visionary.

We have a great group so far with room for about 8 more women. Below is a description of the weekend. Please let me know if you want to join. We would be honored to have you!

For a new intro video to the Feminine Path of Power click here

The Visionary: Walking the Path of Change
In the Visionary retreat we will envision the change we want in our lives.
We will cut through confusion, gain clarity of mind and open our third eye of intuition.
We will embody the Visionary and the path of Change through the story of Pujai.

ALSO: Dance, Yoga, Sacred Robes…

  • Daily Goddess dance workouts with Karen Bandy
  • Yoga with Jessica Jacobson
  • Play with Megan’s Sacred Robes: The Wise Woman, the Warrioress, the Queen, the Visionary and Manifestor!

For a new intro video to the Feminine Path of Power click here

For registration click here

Cost: $695
Dates: July 9-12  (3:00 Thursday – 1:30 Sunday)
Call Megan (650) 364-5171

Thank you Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner PhD for arranging this amazing retreat. Click here to read the blog I wrote last year about my experience. Please note, I do not receive any compensation for your participation—only your delightful company should you decide to join us!

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

Someday is Today

Last fall, long before we sold our home, and I started renovating a new home, I made plans to go east to see my mother. I haven’t written much about my mother because it is complicated—what mother/daughter relationship isn’t? For years, we each wanted to get along better but we never managed to do so. Then in May 2013 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and everything changed.

Alzheimer’s is a sad disease. I have nothing new or profound to add to the heartache that this cruel wasting away of a brilliant mind means. But I can add that much to my surprise, my life has changed in some ways for the better since her diagnosis.

First of all, every child of an Alzheimer’s patient worries about getting it themselves. And odds are that many of us will. This is not a pleasant outlook, but it forced me to make some decisions about what I do and do not want for the rest of my life—with or without Alzheimer’s. Within a week of her diagnosis, I found myself back on a yoga mat, after having been absent for many years. It was always one of those things that I thought would be back in my life someday. My mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis made “my someday” happen today.

Second, for some strange reason, our relationship started to improve dramatically. Over the years, we have both wanted a different relationship with each other, but neither of us managed to make it happen. We were both disappointed and had resolved to accept the relationship for what it was and was not, but deep in our hearts we both wanted more: more connection, more understanding, more loving. And now we have it.

She is suffering from Alzheimer’s; this is not a subtle disease. But she is still there and while visiting her last week we had some beautiful heart-to-heart connections. Alzheimer’s may have robbed her ability to remember words and where her glasses are and even large batches of information about her life, but it hasn’t affected her ability to open up her heart. Over coffee, we both talked about how much we are now enjoying our current relationship after decades of yearning for more from each other. Ironically we both think that the other has changed while the reality is that we both have. And this has allowed us each to open up our hearts to each other.

Alzheimer’s may be taking away all the details of her life, but it has left her heart intact. The bottom line is that she can still send and receive love and really what more is there?

Here are some photos of me with my mother, my brother and my mother’s husband on my recent visit east. She doesn’t like her photo taken and I know she would not like the way she looks in the photos, but they capture a loving moment of us together that I will remember.

1      2

3     4

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

My Tablet Died

I felt like having a funeral for it, but I am too overwhelmed by the stress of feeling disconnected, which is ironic due to the fact that I still have a smartphone and a laptop. But I had come to really love my Nexus 7 tablet. It wasn’t my first tablet, and it won’t be my last. The reality is that it only lasted 17 months, but I really used it a lot, especially having experienced multiple hard drive crashes last year.

My first tablet was a Nook. I bought it after a trip in which I was charged a fee for being over the airline weight limit due to all the books I was carrying. As soon as I landed I made the switch and have never looked back – I have also come to depend on having a full dictionary at the tip of my fingers (both the Nook and Kindle apps have them).

And then last year I had terrible luck with my laptop experiencing four hard drive crashes, two of which occurred while we were living and traveling in Australia. According the Dell it was just a string of bad luck, and they finally upgraded me to a newer, faster, and better laptop. Note to self: always buy the extended warranty! According to my kids, it was all Dell’s fault for not being Apple. No matter who is at fault, I came to rely on my Nexus 7 even more than I thought I would when I bought it to replace my Motorola 10” which I bought to replace my (original) Nook.

I chose the Nexus 7 because it was small and lightweight and came unlocked, which meant I could use any carrier for coverage in the states or overseas. It worked beautifully until it didn’t. I won’t end up losing any data, and while inconvenienced for a few days it is not a big deal in the scheme of things.

But the issue is the withdrawal I am feeling from not having my tablet in my purse, by my side or in my hands. I feel disconnected. I know that real connection for me is when I am able to be with real people in real time. However the illusion of connection from being online is huge. And I was sucked into the false sense of connection through my tablet.

For Christmas 2010 we took the kids to Costa Rica and had a terrific time. Part of what made that family vacation so great was that we went unplugged. No smartphones, no tablets, no online distractions, only us. We connected by being together and playing games. It was wonderful. We all felt a little bit of electronic withdrawal at first, but it wasn’t long before we were just playing and enjoying being in a beautiful place on the planet.

So I was bit surprised at the depth of loss I felt when my tablet died the other day. The good news is that I didn’t panic, no momentary thoughts of crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head—which I literally did in 2001 when I experienced my first hard drive crash. The other good news is that it died just two days before I was off for a three day stitching retreat with some girlfriends, which is the ultimate in connecting in my book.

Knowing how to take care of ourselves is critical. For me, hanging out with my family and/or good friends is a great way for me to mother myself. Connecting online is fine, but nothing beats as connecting in person.

How have you coped when your technology has let you down?

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!


Moving has always been considered one of life’s most stressful events. It is right up there with death and divorce. So what does it say about me that I actually enjoy moving? I know that it is a lot of work and a huge hassle. Moving brings chaos at all stages: packing, the moving, resettling. But I really like changing my environment. Does this make me a stress junkie? Unstable? Or what?

I like moving to a new home and organizing our furniture and live in a new and different way. I like imagining myself in new spaces as this allows me to picture myself in new ways. For me, a move means being able to have new dreams for what I want in and out of my life. It opens up new ways for me to create a life I want. Moving into a new space feels fresh and sparkly to me. It is a way that I mother myself.

When we moved back to northern California in 2008 we downsized in order to afford a home in a community with great public schools for our daughter. [It was a bonus that our son started a university that was a short 15-minute drive from where we moved.] Going from 3000 square feet to 1400 square feet was a huge challenge. I held estate sales and garage sales and Craig’s List Sales before the move. After unpacking into our 5 walk-in closets and installing an armoire, we were able to squeeze our full household into a lovely, but small, condo that met our ‘big picture’ needs: good public schools, near my husband’s work, in a community that was safe, welcoming and friendly.

Now, seven years later, we no longer need the local public schools. Additionally, we liked living a more urban lifestyle during our time in Australia. So we are opening our lives to moving chaos once again. For me, this will be my 17th move (not counting various college apartments and dorms). The joke is that I don’t know how to clean a house, but I sure know how to pack and unpack one!

But moving isn’t a joke. It takes a lot of work to muster up the energy to make such a change. And even though this is a local move, only 20 minutes from where we have been living, we will need to recreate our lives using new services: yoga studio, grocery, pharmacy, pet store, coffee shop, dry cleaners etc. And it might mean that some of our friends will choose to drop away because we no longer live nearby.

We hope to make new friends while keeping the old ones—that childhood song wasn’t wrong, after all! The optimist in me believes this is possible, but the realist knows that while absence makes the heart grow fonder in poems, many people are more the “love the one you’re with” kind of friends. In other words, proximity determines contact. This is one of the stresses and downsides to moving: we risk losing friends who we like.

Only time will tell who stays in our lives and who doesn’t. Did our year in Australia weaken friendship bonds such that this move will break them? Or have we made good enough friends for whom location doesn’t matter? Do they value us and the joy we bring to each other’s lives more than the convenience of running into each other while doing errands around town?

The bottom line is that this is a good move for us. We are getting a large home in an urban environment that is close to my husband’s work but not too far from family and friends for a LOT less money.

Here are some photos of our new home, staged by the previous owners.

1     2

3     4

Moving is a crap shoot, either our lives will be better or they won’t. Most of the time it is a mixed bag: I am already thinking about what I will miss about living in our current community as well as what I am looking forward to about our new one. If at the end of the day there is more positive than negative than we are ahead. My dream is that this move will mean keeping dear friends, while making new ones and a new life for ourselves in a new environment.

How has moving gone for you? What did you regret? What was better?

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!