Away Again: Heidi’s Never Ending Summer of Travel

I have been away from home too much. Being out of town, even if only for one night, means time spent getting ready to go and then time spent afterwards catching up. And while I have been living a very lucky and privileged life with all our running around the planet, I feel the need to nest, to stay in one place, to hold still.

Since returning from our 5 months in Australia last June, I have been out of town on several trips. In June we traveled to Washington DC and Princeton NJ to see our mothers and then in July I was in Carmel with my husband’s family and then after one night home I was off again to the BLOGHER 2014 conference in San Jose (more on that amazing conference in another piece). And now I am off again to a women’s retreat that is affectionately known as Summer Goddess Camp by those of us who attend annually.

Some of playing with the Goddess robes from 2012

Some of playing with the Goddess robes from 2012

So after I return from my retreat of rituals and initiations and hot-tubbing, I plan to stay home for awhile, or at least until October when we head east to see family again!

How do you get back into the swing of things after being away?

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