Alzheimer’s Is Not Always Awful

A few weeks ago my mother came out to the bay area for a visit. Her husband had work to do in San Francisco so she stayed with me in the south bay where I now live. As I have mentioned in past posts, my mother has Alzheimer’s. It is not so bad that she doesn’t know who I am, but she is very limited in what she remembers; her daily care is also affected.

Her disease has also brought out a wonderful and joyous connection for us. I can’t say that our relationship up until her diagnosis was troubled (although maybe I am in denial), but I will say that it was not satisfying to either of us. This has changed completely. And our connection during our four days together was joyous and even fun. We went on adventures and walks and spent the time being together in a peaceful and cheerful manner—something we have both yearned for for decades. It wasn’t easy taking care of her, but I am very grateful that we had that time together.

Here is a post from an online friend who has an amazing blog about her relationship with her mother who also has Alzheimer’s. Susan’s blog is a great resource for anyone going through the Alzheimer’s adventure. She has helped me articulate the positives that have come from my mother’s diagnosis as well as provide ideas and suggestions for dealing with the negative. This post talks about the 7 reasons she visits her mother every day:

Have you had a relative with the diagnosis? What was your relationship with them like as they went through the disease’s progression?

As a blogger, I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with people, and I get a special thrill when someone leaves a comment. When you share my posts on social media sites, I jump up and down doing a happy dance. So thank you!

4 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Is Not Always Awful

  1. AmazingSusan

    Heidi, thanks so much for this shout out – I really appreciate it. I will post it on my FB page tomorrow <3

    So happy to know the visit with your mom was joyful 🙂

    X Susan

  2. Kim Acedo

    Beautiful, Heidi. Glad to hear you got to spend some quality time with your mom. How wonderful that you had the time to be with her and enjoy one another in a way that perhaps is new to your relationship. 🙂

    1. Heidi BK Sloss Post author

      Thank you. It is ironic that we now enjoy a loving relationship, but I will take it!


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