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I Make Bone, What’s Your Superpower?

When I first fell and injured my leg/ankle 7+ weeks ago, I assumed that my life would remain the same albeit not being able to walk for a few months.

I pictured myself sitting at my laptop writing blog post after blog post during my recuperation. I have several folders, as well as scraps of paper, containing scribbled ideas for all sorts of posts. Posts on mothering young children, posts on mothering growing children, posts on mothering teens, and posts on empty nesting. Additionally I have notes on being a daughter as well as notes about being a woman in today’s world. In fact, in my post Holiday Calamity: The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Weird there were comments from readers consoling me that I could use my recovery time to write. And in The Road to Recovery I wrote about how productive I had been, showing that I wasn’t just sitting around. But the fact of the matter is that I am just sitting around.

And I am mostly sitting around on my couch and not at my writing desk. While my laptop can move to the couch, my energy levels are just not thinking and writing and editing and editing and editing.

I am a productive person. I don’t like just sitting around. I love being active: walking, hiking, yoga. But at this point, some days I barely have enough energy to get dressed and sit up. Now I did have a bad break and a serious injury that required a three hour surgery. And in addition they discovered I am anemic. But I never imagined that I would be so wiped out. And then I recently learned why.

It takes a lot of energy to grow bones! And that is what I am doing. So while it may look like I am just sitting, and it may feel like I am just sitting, the fact is my body is hard at work repairing and growing my bones.

When I think back to my kids, who seemed to go through phases when they were bumps on a log, I now realize that they were exhausted because they were growing bones! And I am exhausted from growing new bones. Sure I now have a metal plate, with pins and screws in my leg, holding pieces together, but the fact is my body is spending a tremendous amount of energy to grow new bones. And this is why I am tired a lot right now. This is also why I have not been able to write more, even though I want to.

How we mother our children, our friends and ourselves matter. And this is what my blog is about. And right now I am mothering myself by not giving myself a hard time for not using these 7 weeks to write more. I am being way more productive by sitting on my couch, stitching or reading or calling a friend because my body is hard at work growing bone. In fact I am thinking of getting a t-shirt that reads:

I Make Bone, What’s Your Superpower?

What do you think?

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